Case Studies
Case Studies
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We help startups to acquire the first 1000 users and find investors
We refine your concept
We develop MVP
We help users to find you
We prepare a final presentation and share it with angel investors
30 % of startup success depends on the team
What does the team for a successful startup launch look like?
We become part of your team and promote rapid growth
We'll take you from a minimal viable product to securing your first investor and owning a strong brand.
Key Principles
ROI > 101%
Advertising budget needs to be recouped, right from the start
We improve a business model so that it gains more user value than is spent on user acquisition
We refine our advertising campaign to ensure steady monthly net sales
We Create Stories of Success Together
We built a website, generated traffic from 10 advertising channels, and launched email-marketing and social media profiles. We've demonstrated a threefold growth for the second year in a row.
#Edtech #Startup #IntegratedMarketing
The project launched in May 2019. Currently, users from 90 countries are using this platform: In Russia alone there are 50 schools and 1000 students who have joined iDialogue.
#Edtech #Startup #IntegratedMarketing
The project received more than 1 million dollars in investment on kickstarter and indiegogo and over 5000 clients in less than 3 months.
#Startup #IntegratedMarketing
Educate Online
Teaching English online in schools abroad resulting in a school certificate and university enrolment.
A platform for English practice and cross-cultural communication.
An innovative silicone toothbrush.
With our help, clients will buy your product more often, for a higher price and with great satisfaction
Strategy Development
Product Launch
We will help you find and fill your niche, plus attract your first loyal clients.
System Sales and Marketing
We set up advertising so that it guarantees reliable results every month. You invest X budget and receive Y users. 2X=2Y, and so on.
We will help find and attract new audiences to advertise to and ways of adjusting your product to cater to the broader needs of the clients'.
Research and Analytics
Customer Development
We will conduct 10-15 in-depth interviews with clients to know their exact desires, needs, and expectations.
Brand Positioning
We help to present a product so it can satisfy the target audience's needs and stand out from the competition.
Testing of Ideas
We build an MVP and determine the market potential for your idea.
Identifying weaknesses in your product or service and helping to address them.
Finding opportunities to improve your product to grow your client base and attract more users.
Pre-made Sales Funnel
Turnkey Advertising
We create a website and mobile app and launch your business on all the platforms your clients can find you on.
Advertising Campaigns
We measure the performance of every ad. We turn off the inefficient ones and run only those which generate steady and profitable sales.
Business Process Automation
We integrate marketing into a convenient system that will help you bring in new clients.
Scaling of Success
Performance Scaling
The automated optimization system along with the expertise we provide in content creation ensures stable growth with a high ROI.
New Markets
We help to increase the project's reach through international expansion. We examine differences in cultural codes, create strategies, and launch marketing campaigns.
Growth Hacking
We help to maintain rapid growth while scaling through with cutting-edge marketing tools.
Agile Transformation
We introduce instruments and protocols into a company which help to organize teams, ensuring a balanced skill set. It increases motivation while helping to maintain a conflict-free environment.
Project Time Management
We review and structure the ongoing team processes, minimizing their weaknesses.
Growth-friendly Environment
We simplify prioritization and communication in product teams, and help to convey ideas and meaning to stakeholders.
Process Systematization
Why Skvteam?
An average marketing agency
One project manager is trying to handle 10-15 clients simultaneously and experiences all the task switch costs.
The focus is often misplaced on the process rather than on the achievement, resulting in an unrequired workload and produces excessive creativity.
Tracking your project progress on the executive level might be tricky as every manager is only responsible for the small task he/she is in charge of.
Insufficient communication between the departments hampers the decision-making process.
Poor tracking of results and lack of feedback lead to a failure in responsibility.
We believe in one team – one project approach. Your project will always be the focus of attention for the team which works on it exclusively.
Every action taken in the course of the promotional plan is considered in terms of its congruence with the business objective.
We use Notion as a perfect all-in-one workplace, enabling us to make all the briefs, templates, and directions accessible to every team member at any moment. We keep you informed by prompt and accurate messaging.
We discard vertical hierarchy in favor of free and open exchange of ideas and the easiness of decision-making it brings.
Every team member's performance is digital, allowing us to see what one brings to the table.
You let your ad spend work as the main traction of CR manager's profit expectations by raising ad spending regardless of the performance.
The team tends to rely on their own experience alone, disregarding the practice of external expertise.
Each team member benefits immediately from the project's performance. "We succeed when you succeed" are not just words for us.
We constantly learn and evolve, monitoring the industry's new trends and know-how, never mingling to ask for expert advice.
Our team
We engage highly specialized outside professionals to give us advice and guidance on particular questions within the scope of their expertise. This propels our competence and implements promotional decisions which anticipate general market trends.
Email Marketing Expert
Paid Media Expert
Growth Expert
CRO Expert
& more
A few important things we want you to know:
Partners, not customers
One of our basic principles is to get involved in every project as if it were our own. That's why the team has a difficult challenge — to make you forget the difference between outsourcing and your project team.
Ideas incubator
We are not just promoting clients' businesses but launching our own! This is how we learn, find insights and use them when working for you. We are testing hypotheses on our expanse. Two of our education projects have raised a series A round and are now actively scaling up.
Breaking the paradigm
We dive deep while getting to know your product and brand. We take on every new challenge in a brand-new way. We are pros at finding a growth-hack solution that converts and fits your budget.
Facts first
Your future success is not something we can leave to chance or intuition. We implement an end-to-end analysis system and rely strongly on the data received. By doing so, we guarantee to increase your market share and average profit every month.
No beating about the bush
If we cannot guarantee you the quality service you are after, we'd rather inform you straight away than keep you guessing. And we'll immediately offer you an alternative solution.
Tell us about your project
You can fill out the form or write to us:
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