Case Studies
Case Studies
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We help online schools build a cost-effective system scale to quickly enroll their first 1000 students with an average customer lifespan of no less than half a year
Improving customer service as well as teaching standards
Launching ad campaigns, website, and social media activities
Defining your "sweet point"/USP and niching into the market
Building smart sales funnels that convert
We know what to do and how to do it
to get your company as close as possible to its overarching goal
With our experience working with technology startups and enterprise companies, we can help speed up the journey by up to 3x and save up to 50% of team time and resources on mistakes you won't make
Actively working all over the world
We help both startups and scaleups companies realize their global ambitions. Together with you, we will reach your goal - we will help to launch sales, and afterward - create repeatable, scalable sales & marketing funnel or assist to scale revenue.
Helping to carry out the mission of purpose-driven brands
Who plays a winning hand in EdTech today?
Those who
So, what can go wrong?
The budget was wasted on trite and beaten solutions
A typical advertising specialist's time distribution:
Advertising management routine: network traffic monitoring, running ads managers, analytics, etc.
Marketing activities: audience research, focusing on consumers' needs and values, product targeting, etc.
No audience research
What is the exact gap you are about to plug into with your course?
No market research
You have zero knowledge of how to break away from the competitors.
No product research
Being unaware of the course's positioning, you can hardly tell if there's room for improvement.
A worthy marketing manager goes through 85% of the workload BEFORE even getting started with ads managers, website development, or content production.
If you want your "goddamn marketing" to start working effectively
What a real marketing manager does:
Sales funnel
Web sites
Social media advertising on Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
PPC and SEM advertising on Google and Bing
Creating social media content plan templates
Writing blog posts
Competitor analysis – researching major competitor websites, social network groups, and advertising campaigns, as well as their sales funnel and sales scripts
Audience segmentation
In-depth face-to-face interviews with people within your brand's needs
Analyzing customer behavior both online and offline through social networks, web forums, and groups
System testing of new growth hacking tools and their implementation
Analyzing your business model
Product research, including a close analysis of its competitive advantages, the product's purpose, and mission
Build your brand
Drawing up the strategy
Let's begin with defining the school's mission and values, then the target audience. We'll also develop your brand & founder story, with positioning, financial and calendar templates on their way.
Research and analyses
We'll estimate your total addressable market, trends, demand, and offerings, take a close look at your competitors' positioning and promoting strategies and do the SWOT analysis.
Marketing tools
We'll consider various marketing tools for promotional campaigns and customer relations.
Keep your business processes automated
Automated customer funnel
No assistance from a manager is needed on the customer journey nowadays. Save the personnel resources for in-person communication, and keep the rest of the routine automated.
Store all client's data in one place. This will allow your managers to see the client's needs and approach them in a most refined way.
Voice bots
A perfect way to take the load off managers and get some of the service processes automated.
The technical side
Streamline the admission process by making it fully automated from the moment of the online registration via messenger to the payment stage.
Performance transparency
Optimize the ad budget accordingly to each ad's performance, which is perfectly accountable in terms of revenue
Boosting sales
We'll write sales scripts to optimize your conversion rate, building and maintaining customer loyalty being our major priority.
A holistic approach to marketing
To achieve an ultimate marketing performance we integrate all the promotional platforms, social media, and ad networks.
Email funnels
We compile the email list and set up an email marketing campaign.
Product launches
We'll brainstorm a webinar topic, select the format and guest speakers, as well as do the promotion to attract more attendees.
We offer you highly-qualified assistance in refining your teaching methods for your students' better progress as well as a diverse portfolio of info products and teaching & learning programs.
Content production
We create all photo and video content for YouTube and social media hosting, as well as for the ad campaigns, and develop its design in compliance with your brand image.
Think big
Scaling up performance
Our automated optimization system and creative expertise will ensure your sustained growth as well as a positive return on marketing investment.
New trends – new objectives
We help our clients to explore new routes in a virtual teaching environment, so they could reach out to a bigger audience, discover new niche markets and dominate them.
Entering new markets
We'll help you to expand globally by giving you cultural code insights, developing appropriate strategies, and conducting international marketing campaigns.
Why Skvteam?
An average marketing agency
One project manager is trying to handle 10-15 clients simultaneously and experiences all the task switch costs.
The focus is often misplaced on the process rather than on the achievement, resulting in an unrequired workload and produces excessive creativity.
Tracking your project progress on the executive level might be tricky as every manager is only responsible for the small task he/she is in charge of.
Insufficient communication between the departments hampers the decision-making process.
Poor tracking of results and lack of feedback lead to a failure in responsibility.
We believe in one team – one project approach. Your project will always be the focus of attention for the team which works on it exclusively.
Every action taken in the course of the promotional plan is considered in terms of its congruence with the business objective.
We use Notion as a perfect all-in-one workplace, enabling us to make all the briefs, templates, and directions accessible to every team member at any moment. We keep you informed by prompt and accurate messaging.
We discard vertical hierarchy in favor of free and open exchange of ideas and the easiness of decision-making it brings.
Every team member's performance is digital, allowing us to see what one brings to the table.
You let your ad spend work as the main traction of CR manager's profit expectations by raising ad spending regardless of the performance.
The team tends to rely on their own experience alone, disregarding the practice of external expertise.
Each team member benefits immediately from the project's performance. "We succeed when you succeed" are not just words for us.
We constantly learn and evolve, monitoring the industry's new trends and know-how, never mingling to ask for expert advice.
Our team
We engage highly specialized outside professionals to give us advice and guidance on particular questions within the scope of their expertise. This propels our competence and implements promotional decisions which anticipate general market trends.
Email Marketing Expert
Paid Media Expert
Growth Expert
CRO Expert
& more
A few important things we want you to know:
Partners, not customers
One of our basic principles is to get involved in every project as if it were our own. That's why the team has a difficult challenge — to make you forget the difference between outsourcing and your project team.
Ideas incubator
We are not just promoting clients' businesses but launching our own! This is how we learn, find insights and use them when working for you. We are testing hypotheses on our expanse. Two of our education projects have raised a series A round and are now actively scaling up.
Breaking the paradigm
We dive deep while getting to know your product and brand. We take on every new challenge in a brand-new way. We are pros at finding a growth-hack solution that converts and fits your budget.
Facts first
Your future success is not something we can leave to chance or intuition. We implement an end-to-end analysis system and rely strongly on the data received. By doing so, we guarantee to increase your market share and average profit every month.
No beating about the bush
If we cannot guarantee you the quality service you are after, we'd rather inform you straight away than keep you guessing. And we'll immediately offer you an alternative solution.
Tell us about your project
You can fill out the form or write to us:
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